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Silver Rose is a love story that combines the storm and passion of Casablanca with the stunning impact of Cabaret. Coming from the typewriter of the one of the brightest, freshest talents writing heart-stopping fiction today, here is a tale that is guaranteed to wrench the staunchest heart. It is a time one must fall quickly in love, before chaos reigns. Rennie Jablonski, the beautiful twenty two year old daughter of Germany's most famous German Jewish newspaper publisher, has left the safety of London and returned to Berlin to bring her father out. On her arrival in Berlin she realizes her mistake. Her father is in hiding, living precariously in a room above the cabaret of his flamboyant former mistress, Lillie Froelich. And suddenly Rennie herself is caught in a Gestapo web- with no way out. In desperation Rennie turns to Lillie, who brilliantly and daringly hides her by putting her on display turning her into the cabaret singer Rennie Nacht, the Silver Rose of Berlin. But there can be no safety for Rennie in Berlin. A young American newsman introduces her to a Prussian baron of great charm and grace, who is also a member of Hitler's inner circle. And Rennie Nacht, the Silver Rose, slips into the deepest danger of all: She falls recklessly and irrevocably in love with SS General Wolff von Danzig, while Gestapo officer Kimmel, thwarted in his lust for her, watches, waiting as patient as a spider- for Rennie and Wolf to fall into his web. Soon their chances for escape slip away, the ultimate risk is taken, and the stage is set for the terrifying finale to the Silver Rose's masquerade. Silver Rose is the gripping drama of two people whose desire for each other is rendered powerless against the backdrop of history. It is a novel of thwarted passion and endless love. For readers who love the bittersweet fiction of the great romantic writers of all time, Silver Rose is guaranteed to satisfy.

Silver Rose, A Novel by David A. Kaufelt

    • Hardcover
    • Publisher: Delacorte Pr (September 1, 1982)
    • ASIN: B008V2H4LM
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