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There were two subjects which lonely widower Edward de Salis never discussed: his dead wife and his family home in Ireland, 'matchless Cashelmara'. So when he meets Marguerite, a bright young American with whom he can talk freely about both, he is able to love again and takes her back to Ireland as his wife. But Marguerite soon discovers that married life is not what she expected, and that she has married into a troubled family bitterly divided by love and hatred. Cashelmara becomes the curse of three generations as they play out their fates in a spellbinding drama, which moves inexorably towards murder and retribution.

Cashelmara by Susan Howatch

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  • Weight:    1.7 lbs.    

    Author:    Susan Howatch
    Size:    8.5 x 6.5 x 2 Inches.    

    Subject:    Literature & Fiction
    Pages:    692    

    Original/Facsimile:    Original
    Year Printed:    1974  

     Language:    English
    Country/Region of Manufacture:    United States    

    Publisher:    Simon and Schuster
    Topic:    Literature    

    Place of Publication:    New York
    Binding:    Hardcover  

     Special Attributes:    Book Club Edition
    Region:    North America    

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