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Exploring America's Backcountry's genre fits best in the category of adventurous but, very factual. This book was written to describe the physical and emotional feelings of people's adventures. These people have a goal in their life and that goal is to accomplish the impossible. All the expeditions explore various areas of the country. In all, there are about 3 different journeys to be met. The first section of the book has to deal with climbing the mountains of central Idaho. There are about 16 popular rock climbing mountains in that area which range to be 10,000-10,751ft. high. One specific mountain that was climbed was Heyburn Mountain, a perfect example of weathered rock, which means it's hard to climb due to the rocks that crumble and crack in your hands. Basically they walk and climb during the day, then when night falls and the sun is slowly going down they pitch their tent as soo n as possible. People who are involved in all these journeys don't eat all the time, just at night-when everything's calm. The second section of this book talks about the swampy swamps of Louisiana. This section was my absolute favorite! People traveled through the swamps in boats. I love this section of the novel, just think about how weird it would be to be in a boat, knowing alligators could be under the boat and snakes dangling up above in the trees? The main swamp that they talked about was the Atchafalaya. Atchafalaya was described as a big swamp surrounded with tall trees, the smell was like dead fish, and it was always so dark with fog rising on top of the water. There was a inspiring picture in the book, it was a picture of a graveyard with willows hanging above the graves, and thick morning fog hangs over graves and live oak trees. My last section I read about, had to deal with the tundra's, glaciers, and mountains of Alaska. In the oceans of Alaska, 15 foot beluga whales swim everywhere. Whales cruise the rich, muddy shallows of Tuxedni Bay for salmon, herring, or shrimp.


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Exploring America's Backcountry - National Geographic Society

    • Hardcover
    • Publisher: National Geographic (1979)
    • Language: English
    • ASIN: B000HAYZKE
    • ISBN-10: 0870442732
    • ISBN-13: 978-0870442735
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