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Patricia Cornwell turns from forensics to police procedures in her latest novel, Hornet's Nest. This book is less a thriller than a character study of the main characters: Judy Hammer, chief of police in Charlotte, North Carolina; Hammer's deputy, Virginia West; and Andy Brazil, a young reporter assigned to ride with the police as they go about their jobs.


Patricia Cornwell (Author) [1996 HARDBACK] Hornet's Nest Patricia Cornwell (Author) Hornet's Nest [1996 HARDBACK] Hardcover – January 1, 1996

Hornets Nest by Patricia Cornwell

    • ASIN : B0048A31JA
    • Item Weight : 1 pounds
    • ISBN: 0-399-14228-2
    • Copyright 1996 by Cornwell Enterprises, INC.
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