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He's Hurting Me All Over! His Eyes Are Scaring Me! They Look Crazy! Where's My Mommy? But it was her Mommy, a disturbed, peculiar woman who had yielded up 5-year-old Michelle Smith to a cult of devil worshippers for The Feast of the Beast. And in that dreadful 3 month ritual, innocent little Michelle was tortured, imprisoned, and used most evilly as an instrument to raise Satan himself. And they did raise him. And only a divine intervention saved Michelle from the supreme terror. 22 Years Later - A troubled woman begins visits to a gentle, compassionate psychiatrist, and finally the long-buried memory of a childhood agony comes screaming forth with terrifying clarity. The stuff of fiction? Perhaps. But it all really happened to Michelle Smith. And at last. Michelle Remembers.

Michele Remembers by Michele Smith and Lawrence Pazdar, M.D.

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  • Published by Published by Pocket Books 

    Year Published: 1980

    ISBN 10: 0671423878

    ISBN 13: 9780671423872

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