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The Etruscan underworld goddess held the symbol of life in one hand and the sacrificial knife in the other. To Samantha Develin, the ancient figure seemed sinister, and not just because of its chill, enigmatic smile. She suspected the recently discovered statue was connected in some way with her sister's disappearance two months ago. It was in search of her beautiful artist sister that Samantha had come to Italy. Taking up residence in the centuries-old farmhouse that Althea had been renting, she found that the neighbors -- including an attractive young English archeologist -- seemed quite anxious for her to leave ...

The Etruscan Smile by Velda Johnston

SKU: 2.6.21
  • Hardcover, 213 pages

    Published April 1st 1977 by W. Clement Stone (first published 1977)

    Original Title

    The Etruscan Smile


    0396074219 (ISBN13: 9780396074212)

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