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Those of us who have chosen to persue a sorcerous career know that a knowledge of spells is only one small facet of a successful magician. Equally important, a thorough knowledge of back alleys, underground passageways, and particularly dense patches of forest... for those times when the spell you knew so well doesn't quite work after all.- From the Teachings of EbenezumThe whole thing was an accident. The Great Wizard Ebenezum hadn't meant to conjure up the Demon Guxx from the Netherhells; he was simply illustrating a few of the finer points of sorcery for his youthful apprentice, Wuntvor. But there was Guxx all the same, flashing razor-sharp teeth and dagger-like claws, and - even worse - spouting such awful rhymes as" Guxx Unfufadoo is my nameand killing wizards is my game."The two magicians managed to wrestle Guxx back to where he belonged, but not before the demon arranged a bit of revenge - a curse that made Ebenezum allergic to magic. From that moment on, whenever Ebenezum tried to cast a spell or found himself in the presence of magic, he'd be felled by a fit of sneezing.It was enough to crimp any hard-working wizard's style.When you need a magical antihistamine, so to speak, there's only one place to go: Vushtak, legendary City of Forbidden Delights. And so Ebenezum and a wary Wuntvor set out on a path paved with peril and dark magic - a journey on which they will encounter a tap-dancing dragon with show-biz aspirations... the might warrior Hendrek, armed with his accursed club, Headbasher, which can never be owned only rented... the Dealer of Death, a hired assassin who has a contract on Ebenezum - and who, fortunately, has trouble remembering what his quarry looks like... plus enchanted chickens, winsome witches and mythical beasts crusading for affirmative action.But meanwhile, Guxx has been hatching a devilish plot to conquer the upper world. With Ebenezum felled by his malady of magicks, it's up to the hapless Wuntvor to save the day.Can he do it? Can a mere sorcerer's apprentice face the wrath of Guxx armed only with a cowardly talking sword, a magic horn, a silly hat, 500 ferrets and a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card - and prevail? Find out for yourself in A Malady of Magicks, A Multitude of Monsters and A Night in the Netherhells.


The Exploits of Ebenezum by Craig Shaw Gardner

    • Hardcover: 437 pages
    • Publisher: Nelson Doubleday, Inc. (November 1, 1987)
    • Language: English
    • ASIN: B000BCGFQU
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