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The Practical Stylist Second Edition Hardcover – January 1, 1970

by Sheridan Baker (Author)


Based on the premise that all writing involves arguing a thesis, this classic, authoritative rhetoric presents the essential tools for writing graceful, persuasive essays. Emphasizing thesis and the structural integrity of the essay, The Practical Stylist provides a variety of organizational techniques to help students create sound essays, while the expository modes such as description, narration, and exposition are presented as strategies for supporting a thesis. Numerous essay models are provided to illustrate the principles of organization and explore the dynamics of language.



The Practical Stylist: Second Edition by Sheridan Baker

SKU: 0690649983

  • ISBN-10:    0690649983
    Author:    baker, sheridan
    Publisher:    Crowell
    Publication Year:    1969
    Number Of Pages:    183
    Binding:    Paperback

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