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The Yom Kippur War Hardcover – January 1, 1982

by ALLEN PETER (Author)


On October,6 1973, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar, Syrian and Egyptian forces, supplied by Soviet arms, and encouraged by the USSR, launched a cowardly surprise attack on Israel from the north and south.

The massive attack found Israel vastly outnumbered and unprepared and the use of "smart" weapons rendered Israel's air force ineffective giving the attacking Arab forces an unprecedented advantage on the battlefield.

Israel's existence was under mortal threat but with a courageous defence by the Israeli tank battalions and the daring counter attacks ordered by Israel's generals turned the imminent destruction of Israel into a route of the invading Egyptian, Syrian and Iraqi armies.
Peter Allen relies on hundreds of interviews and eyewitness account, relaying both the desperate fighting and the diplomatic shenanigans, when the Soviet Union that had egged the Arabs into the war, threatened to join in the attack on Israel, once there Arab clients started losing.

The author illustrates how Israel forewent a response of pre-emptive action, in a false and tragic belief that world opinion would swing to her support.
As the author explains she was wrong and "the novel and brave political move did nothing to prevent her condemnation by the swaggering Third World hanger-on to Soviet policy...As her losses mounted and the Arabs were seen to be winning, other states began to pour in aid to deliver the coup de grace."
And so it has always been since, particularly in the last two decades.
no matter how the Arabs have clearly been the aggressors to any unbiased and honest observer, every outbreak of conflict leads to hysterical and emotionally charged condemnation of Israel from around the world.

Nevertheless Islamic and Leftist historical revisionists continue to distort facts and events to paint Israel as the aggressor, never hesitating at brazen lies and distortions.

The author covers well the open invitation by the Soviets to attack Israel, the training and massive arming of Egypt and Syria by the USSR and other Communist States.
The massive Soviet replenishment of arms to the Arab belligerents, while US arms were blocked from reaching Israel by most states in Europe, wild and vicious Soviet accusation at the UN, when Israel defended herself (echoed almost word for word by polemicists of the international left today), and end eventually when the Syrians and Egyptian were being routed, Soviet threats to attack Israel directly.

The last word go's to the author when he exclaims how the answer to all the questions and dilemmas surrounding the Middle East conflict boil down to what is "so deeply embedded into the Jewish nature that is life ands death itself. Ten million Jews walked unresisting into the gas chambers, believing that some great force would surely save them at the last moment. now they have that great force, and it beyond belief that they will ever again go pacifically to their doom, now they fight".
Which is precisely what fuels the rage of the Islamic world and international left.
"But who is take the chances for Israel if not Israel herself? Who will stop the next holocaust except the victims of the last.



The Yom Kippur War by Peter Allen

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