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How can your tongue get you arrested?
What dessert is as smart as the average adult?
What's louder: A jet plane at take-off or a hippo having sex?

In the form of a lively and eccentric course catalog, this brainchild of the creator of the wildly successful offers up loads of facts of little consequence for the hardcore trivia buff or the casual enthusiast. Inside, you'll find topics and entries like these:

The Core Curriculum
The Useless School of Animals
The sound that a camel makes is called "nuzzing".

The Useless School of Film
Warren Beatty's first job in the theater was a rat-catcher...backstage.

The Useless School of History
Not that he was immature, but Napoleon concocted his battle strategies in a sandbox.

The Useless School of Sports
It takes 3,000 cows to supply a single season's worth of footballs to the NFL.

There are also Useless Schools of Television, Biology, Science and Technology, Music, Geography, and Culinary Arts.

Useless Knowledge: Answers to Questions You'd Never Think to Ask by Joe Edelman

    • Paperback : 208 pages
    • ISBN-10 : 0312290179
    • ISBN-13 : 978-0312290177
    • Product Dimensions : 5.5 x 0.52 x 8.25 inches
    • Publisher : St. Martin's Griffin; 1st Edition (September 14, 2002)
    • Language: : English
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