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Sex Goddesses of the Silent Screen Hardcover – January 1, 1973

by Norman Zierold (Author)


(With 40 pages of photos and complete filmographies.)

Rich in anecdote, both humorous and tragic, Sex Goddesses of the Silent Screen breathes life into five of the daring Circes of the silver screen. In this engaging book each star is presented in both her on-screen and real-life milieus to show how it was that each was able to exercise her captivating hold over American audiences during a brief period of incandescence.

Theda Bara, the wicked love pirate whose lively wit and smoldering eyes made her the darling of press agents and the despair of censoring committees. Barbara LaMarr, whose soulful gazes, exotic good looks, and tempestuous life came to an end after she collapsed on the set of yet another vamp movie. Fiery Lola Negri, the European actress who hit the silent screen like a baby Howitzer and met her match during her turbulent affair with Rudolph Valentino. Mae Murray of the bee-stung lips and golden hair, whose career slowed and stopped when Hollywood's fickle taste turned away from dancing blondes. Clara Bow, the Brooklyn tomboy who turned "It" into a giddy lifestyle that ended in nervous collapse and madness, and more.



Sex Goddesses of the Silent Screen by Norman Zierold

SKU: B0006C429C
    • ASIN : B0006C429C
    • Publisher : H. Regnery Co; First Edition (January 1, 1973)
    • Language : English
    • Hardcover : 207 pages
    • Item Weight : 1.15 pounds

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